JANE HENRY performs improvisations and her own original compositions for acoustic violin, with live electronics as well as tape and video, and in collaborations with other artists, including work with real-time electronics. Her work makes extensive use of overtones, difference tones, microtones, natural harmonics, bowed harmonics, quirky embellishments, glissandi galore, and very high energy, with bowed distortions and distorted bows.

Violin with bows designed by Jerry Hunt, and left hand thimbles.

On CD With

  • Matt Rogalsky, “Memory Like Water”, XI records
  • Michael Schumacher, “Room Pieces”, XI records
  • Michael Schumacher, “Stories”, Queckselber discs
  • Rafael Toral, “Chasing Sonic Booms”, Ecstatic Peace records
  • Jerry Hunt, “Ground”, OO discs
  • Leroy Jenkins, “Themes and Improvisations on the Blues”, CRI
  • Ensemble Weshm, “Errances”, Amsterdam

“Chipsaw”, made by S. Kartadinata: hot-wired musical greeting card microchip with anklet of mercury bead on-off switches.


  • Jane Henry, “Arrowbows, Chips and Chirps”, in Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 17, MIT Press, 2008.
  • Elizabeth Hinkle, Women in Music and Technology in the U.S.: Crossing the Line, Ashgate Press, 2006.
  • Nicolas Collins, Handmade Electronic Music: the Art of Hardware Hacking, Routledge, 2006.


Collaborations include live improvisations with acoustic and electronic musicians, such as Matt Rogalsky, Nic Collins, Joel Ryan, Sarmad Brody, Sanford Nowlin, James Sidlo, Mary Oliver, Emilio Tamez, James Cobb, Weshm